Brian Cashman
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Ever the cold, hardened businessman, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman isn’t going to let feelings affect his offseason decisions.

Aaron Case

New York Yankees fans are still mourning the team’s ALCS defeat at the hands of the Houston Astros. But for Brian Cashman, it’s business as usual.

“I think it’s very important not to get emotional (and) to be certainly reflective on areas that you can get better at,” Cashman told’s Pete Caldera on Thursday.

Cashman’s emotional denial also included posturing that seems inspired by the hit Eminem’s song “Not Afraid”:

“I’m not afraid to admit this was a great team, not afraid to acknowledge that we went up against a great team in Houston,” he said, per Caldera.

Despite Cashman’s bravado, many Yankees fans are still experiencing a rush of negative emotions following the Bombers’ heartbreaking ALCS failure. However, those fans should probably be thankful that the man who makes New York’s personnel decisions will likely ignore their cries for reckless spending.

After all, Cashman used the same icy efficiency to wisely pass on a parade of shiny free agents last offseason. That produced a team deep enough to win 103 games while enduring a ridiculous spate of injuries to its superstars.

More tempting free agents will hit the market in a matter of days. The list will include starting pitching studs like Gerrit Cole and Madison Bumgarner.

The Yankees will also have to make decisions on current Bombers Didi Gregorius, Dellin Betances, and Brett Gardner. Aroldis Chapman could also opt out of his contract.

A tornado of rumors and anonymously sourced Twitter reports is already forming. But the Yankees appear safe under the calm guidance of their inscrutable GM.

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