As if emotions weren’t all over the place already, check out this video of the New York Yankees saying their goodbyes following their Game 6 ALCS loss.

Allison Case

Did the tears finally stop from the heartbreaking walk-off home run that sent the Houston Astros to the World Series and the New York Yankees packing?

They’re about to start up again.

The Yankees looked like they had some magic injected back into their game with DJ LeMahieu’s two-run, game-tying home run in the top of the ninth before all hope was squashed with Jose Altuve’s monster shot into left to send the Astros to the Fall Classic.

All the focus was on the celebration taking place in the center of the diamond, the Astros piling on top of each other to express their excitement over this feat. However, in the Yankees clubhouse, a much more somber experience was taking place.

Aaron Boone took some time to walk around the clubhouse and talk to his players, giving them huge hugs and whispering what we can believe were words of encouragement in their ears.

In Boone’s second year as a manager, it became very clear in this moment just how strongly he feels for his guys and how much he understands the feeling of being in this same position.

Luke Voit is seen giving various hugs, especially to Gio Urshela. But perhaps the most telling moment was watching Aaron Judge stare lifelessly into his locker, no doubt running through every missed opportunity in his head.

Judge has earned the title of unofficial captain and made it clear that he was disappointed in his own performance this postseason.

“It’s a failure,” Judge told reporters following the game. “In spring training we talked about winning the division, putting ourselves in a good spot in the postseason and the World Series, and we came up short. So no matter how many games we won in the regular season or anything else we did, this season’s a failure.”

Nonetheless, watching Aaron Boone go around comforting his players, like Luis Severino and Gio Urshela, was not only heartbreaking but refreshing to see. The tight-knit comradery amongst this group is a beautiful thing and just makes it even more difficult to watch, knowing that this is the type of group that could put together a championship run.

The Yankees season is over and the New York Yankees have quickly done found more reasons to make the entire fan base cry. Now the offseason looms large for the Bombers.

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