The New York Yankees have a reputation around the MLB as savages, but enough is enough with the recent ejections.

The New York Yankees are among the best teams in baseball, but there is a concerning trend going on with this team. For better or worse, they’re developing a reputation among MLB umpires.

This was evident on Saturday afternoon when three Yankees were tossed from an afternoon game against the Cleveland Indians.

Manager Aaron Boone was ejected arguing balls and strikes after a Cameron Maybin at-bat. Brett Gardner was rung up for his newest signature move—banging his bat on the roof of the dugout. CC Sabathia made it a trifecta after he defended Gardner.

Right or wrong, the Yankees need to move past their feud with umpires. There’s nothing in the rulebook that prohibits Gardner from using the dugout roof like his own personal drumset. However, no one should be surprised that Gardner was tossed for his new move. Eventually, the banging was going to get Gardner ejected.

Of course, the umpires aren’t coming out of this incident unscathed. On Saturday, both the home plate umpire, Ben May, and first base umpire, Phil Cuzzi, were looking for a confrontation.

Along with Boone’s epic “savages in the box” rant, Gardner’s bat banging has taken over social media. It’s hysterical to watch Gardner pound away on the roof, but it’s not doing the Yankees any favors.

Gardner’s first bat-banging incident in Toronto ended with an ejection. Aaron Judge was forced into action on a much-needed day off. Not to mention, they nearly had to put Judge in right field on Saturday when Gardner was rung up, but opted to play infielder Thairo Estrada in the outfield instead.

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