The man, the myth, the legend, Joey Chestnut, joins Mike Vivalo “On the Scene” ahead of the 2019 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and the ESPN 30 for 30: “The Good, The Bad, The Hungry.”

Imagine eating 74 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes. Now, imagine eating 75. That’s what Joey Chestnut thinks about.

The reigning Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest champ wants to break his record of 74 in 10 minutes when he takes the stage on Thursday, July 4th, 2019 at the Famous Coney Island Nathan’s location.

I sat down with the Champ to talk eating strategy and preview the ESPN 30 for 30 The Good, The Bad, The Hungry that premieres at 8 p.m. ET on July 2 and chronicles the rivalry between him and former champ Takeru Kobayashi.

We met at Eisenberg’s Sandwich shop, the 90-year-old NYC establishment, and chatted about his training techniques and what makes him a fierce competitor.

Chestnut actually holds 42 different competitive eating records, including hard-boiled eggs, chicken wings and pastrami sandwiches.

On July Fourth, he will attempt to win his 12th hot dog contest in 13 years. I hope you’re hungry, big guy. As usual, all Fourth of July eyes will be on our heroes shoving hot dogs down the pipe.