Joey Chestnut
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Joey Chestnut continued his dominance at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest with a record-breaking performance

Leave it to the American legend, Joey Chestnut to break the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest world record. A record owned by Chestnut himself coincidentally.

It’s hard to imagine anything more American than this. Eating 74 hot dogs on the Fourth of July. That’s 74 on 7/4. Joey Chestnut is a true American hero.

Miki Sudo brought home the women’s title for the fifth straight year, consuming 37 hot dogs, including buns, in total. Sudo’s run of dominance has been shorter than Chestnut’s but equally as impressive.

Don’t worry about eating too much on the holiday because chances are, you aren’t putting your body through the ringer like Chestnut did on Wednesday. The 74 hot dogs came out to a whopping 22,200 calories.

Chestnut left second-place finisher Carmen Cincotti by 11 dogs. The American has brought home the mustard-yellow belt in 11 of the last 12 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest—only losing to Matt Stonie in 2015.

Prior to Chestnut’s dominance, Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi brought home six straight championships. And people say the NBA has a problem with parity.

But a straight comparison between the NBA and the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is an unfair comparison. Chestnut isn’t like the Golden State Warriors, he’s more like the Dream Team.

Cincotti hung around with Chestnut and made it respectable by pounding 63 dogs. Third-place finisher Darron Breeden put away 43 dogs. Chestnut inhaled 31 more dogs than the Breeden which truly shows his dominance over the sport.

The title was not given to Chestnut without a little bit of controversy though. Chestnut’s original count was 64 dogs, but the judges missed a plate and miscounted the world champion’s final tally. They amended the original score to reflect the world-record of 74 hot dogs.

On Independence Day, Joey Chestnut made us proud to be Americans. Now pass the mustard!

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