Justin Tuck, Eli Manning, New York Giants
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The New York Giants are one of only six NFL franchises to have won at least four Super Bowls. That’s a pretty impressive fact by itself.

Four wins in five trips to the Super Bowl isn’t good—it’s dominant. When the New York Giants reach the NFL’s marquee event, chances are they’re going to win.

They have played in some of the best and most memorable Super Bowls ever, and players such as Eli Manning and Phil Simms have put on some of the game’s most legendary performances.

In honor of Super Bowl week, we’ll take a look at three interesting facts about the Giants and the Super Bowl.

Every time they’ve played their Super Bowl opponents in the regular season, they’ve won it all

That’s right. All four times that the Giants have won a Super Bowl, they played their Super Bowl opponent in the regular season.

SeasonOpponentRegular SeasonSuper Bowl
1986Denver BroncosW 19-16 (Week 12)W 39-20
1990Buffalo BillsL 19-15 (Week 15)W 20-19
2007New England PatriotsL 38-35 (Week 17)W 17-14
2011New England PatriotsW 24-20 (Week 9)W 21-17

The lone Super Bowl they lost in their five Super Bowl appearances was to the Baltimore Ravens, a team they did not play in the 2000 regular season. Would things have been different in Super Bowl 35 had they met up with the Ravens beforehand? Maybe.

Trailed at halftime in every Super Bowl they played in

Nothing ever comes easy for Big Blue, as they’ve trailed at halftime in all five of their Super Bowl appearances.

  • Super Bowl 21: Trailed 10-9 to the Broncos
  • Super Bowl 25: Trailed 12-10 to the Bills
  • Super Bowl 35: Trailed 10-0 to the Ravens
  • Super Bowl 42: Trailed 7-3 to the Patriots
  • Super Bowl 46: Trailed 10-9 to the Patriots

With the exception of Super Bowl 35, the team always made the necessary adjustments and came back to win the game. That’s not surprising, considering that a pair of Hall of Fame coaches, Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin, were running the show in those games. Sorry, Jim Fassel.

Giants are the only team to win a Super Bowl in each of the last four decades

Everybody would like to win a championship every year. But realistically that’s not possible especially in the NFL where rosters change every year. That’s why dynasties are so rare—and special.

Realistically fans should expect their teams to win at least one championship every decade and that’s what the Giants have done over the last four decades (1986, 1990, 2007, 2011).

It’s just one of the many reasons the Giants are considered one of the elite franchises in professional sports.

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