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Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Swim In Pool Of Mayonnaise

Jacksonville Jaguars fans decide to celebrate a Jaguars win by swimming in a pool of mayonnaise.

It’s hot in Jacksonville, Florida and people need to stay cool. Jacksonville Jaguars fans had an unusual way of staying cool.

Jaguars fans have decided to cool off by belly-flopping into a pool of mayonnaise. They even had a belly-flopping contest. No word on who won the contest.

The question here is why belly-flop into a pool of mayonnaise?Were they so drunk that they thought swimming in mayo would be a good idea? The answer, they were celebrating the Jaguars win last Sunday. It’s the first time since 2011 that the Jaguars have started the season 1-0.

So why have a pool of mayonnaise? What’s next a pool of ketchup, maybe mustard, or how about a pool of beer?

Jaguar fans if you are going to have a pool of mayonnaise again then maybe you could invite NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. After all, Earnhardt’s favorite sandwich is a banana and mayonnaise sandwich so he might swim in a pool of mayo.

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