Schwartz on Sports Podcast: Ringling Bros Ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson (Audio)

In a very special edition of the Schwartz on Sports Podcast, Peter welcomes in Ringling Brothers ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson.

Yes, that’s right: We’re talking about the circus. More specifically, the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus, an event that has brought joy and happiness to both adults and youngsters for many years.

The traveling circus company dubbed “The Greatest Show on Earth” started 146 years ago, and will be finishing now. This Sunday will mark the organization’s final performance, May 21 on Long Island at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
Their all-time attendance has reached an amazing 275,000,000 in a number of and incredible 48,000 performances in 284 cities.

Peter Schwartz, a fan of the organization, brings you a very special edition of Schwartz on Sports. He welcomes in Ringling Bros Ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson to discuss the Greatest Show on Earth and its final performance this coming Sunday.

Here’s the official spot on the Schwartz on Sports Podcast:

ESNY staff reports.