New York Jets: 'Suck For Sam' Is a Recipe for Disaster; Sam Darnold Can't Be Plan A 1
Jan 2, 2017; Pasadena, CA, USA; USC Trojans quarterback Sam Darnold (14) warms up before the game between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the USC Trojans at Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets Gang Green Daily delves into the “Suck for Sam” moniker. Plus, when should the Jets draft a quarterback?

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the “Suck for Sam” moniker. There are clearly questions with this year’s quarterback class in the 2017 NFL Draft. I expect four quarterbacks to go in the first round, but who knows what the order will be.

That just speaks to the uncertainty of the talent level and projections at the next level. So in ESPN’s Rich Cimini’s weekly #jetsmail fan bag, he had an interesting question.

The end of the article had me the most intrigued because Cimini cited that potentially the Houston Texans at 25 could be a team that would trade up. We haven’t seen a team trade up that high since the Atlanta Falcons moved up in a blockbuster move with the Cleveland Browns a couple of years ago to acquire Julio Jones.

The Browns got five picks in that trade: first rounder, second rounder, fourth rounder, plus, a future first and another fourth. 

That is a humongous bounty! Just imagine the damage the Jets could do with that much ammunition!

While Cimini noted it seems like the Texans have been pretty adamant so far that they won’t mortgage the future. Although this team appears to be just a quarterback away from Super Bowl contention. When you’re that close, you tend to do whatever it takes. The Jets are hoping that’s the case.

While another ESPN Insider John Clayton says the Jets should definitely draft another quarterback, but he has a suggestion via ESPN.

6. New York Jets

Round in which they should draft a QB: 2-3

“With Josh McCown and two struggling young quarterbacks, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, the Jets have to think about taking another quarterback in the first three rounds. Last season, the word around the team was that the 2017 starter wasn’t on the roster. So they brought in McCown, who’s 37 and basically a one-year fix.”

“The only reason the Jets are this low is because they spent a second-round pick on Hackenberg last year and might want to give him a closer look. Still, if I were running the franchise, I’d spend another pick on a QB.”

Here’s my take. The Jets shouldn’t draft a quarterback simply to draft one if you like the tape or the player pull the trigger. Regardless of what round it’s in because this is the most important position in football.

Other News and Notes:

A lot of things were released including this year’s list of players attending the NFL Draft. Which one will be walking center stage and dappin’ with Roger Goodell? We’ll continue to speculate …

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