Student Hilariously Crosses-Up Teacher on the Hardwood (Video)

In one of the best viral videos of the year, a student completely trashes his teacher with a vicious cross-up on the hardwood.

Ouch. This one hurts.

It doesn’t matter the age, athletic ability or stature at the school. If you’re manning one of your students up on the hardwood and get crossed-up like this, you feel it for awhile.

Check out the video above. It’s of the viral variety, one that showcases Tristan Jass, a student-athlete from Kenosha, Wisconsin crossing-up one of his teachers (video above).

Tremper high school is the name of the school for which both parties head to each and every morning.

Let’s just hope the teacher doesn’t fail the kid from here on out.

H/T Instagram, tristanj22