With the trade deadline approaching this Wednesday, GM Garth Snow and the New York Islanders have some options they could use before March 1.

The New York Islanders find themselves in a very interesting place in their season. With 61 games played thus far, the Islanders have a perfect idea of what their shortcomings are.

Fortunately for New York, there aren’t too many inconsistencies on the roster that can’t be fixed with some discipline and coaching. But there are some holes remaining on offense, and some defensive assets that could be moved for more immediate help.

While outlandish deals will always be the focus of a fan base, the intention should be to explore the options that general manager Garth Snow has before him that could put the Islanders over their self-imposed hump.

Starting with the least feasible to the most possible, here’s our list of moves that Snow should explore before noon on March 1.