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The Giants are in the final stages of their preparation for a Wild Card weekend road matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. With this being Big Blue’s first playoff game since 2016, it’s a big deal. That doesn’t mean they can’t have any fun leading up to the big game, though.

Matt Peart, Devery Hamilton, Tyre Phillips, and Korey Cunningham were all at UBS Arena Thursday night to enjoy some hockey between the Islanders and Minnesota Wild. The Wild ended up beating the Isles 3-1, but it didn’t come without some exciting moments.

Peart got so excited while watching the action that he not only took off his jersey, but he also gave himself a little beer shower. It looks like some of the beer actually made it into his mouth, but we can’t be totally sure.

The above picture needs to be sent to The Louvre. Like, immediately.

There wasn’t a soul in the arena who didn’t enjoy this sequence of events. I’m sure Peart’s teammates will be talking about it for a while, too. The only regret I have is we didn’t get any audio attached to this beautiful sight. We probably wouldn’t have gotten many more details, but come on. Just to hear the roar of the crowd at each crucial moment would’ve been enough. First when he took his shirt off, and then again when the beer began cascading down his chest.

And because there will be people out there all crabby about Peart doing this with a playoff game a couple of days away… just relax. He’s allowed to have a life and enjoy himself in any way he likes. It’s not like the now-infamous boat trip a bunch of Giants players went on before getting blown out by the Green Bay Packers in their 2016 Wild Card matchup. He went to a local hockey game.

Maybe Peart is just practicing in case the Giants pull an upset in Minnesota on Sunday. It looks like he’s ready to party if that’s the case.

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