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Illinois State football recruit Kobe Buffalomeat becomes social media sensation

The Los Angeles Lakers may have had Kobe Bryant, but Illinois State has Kobe Buffalomeat.

Today is National Signing Day in college football, and Illinois State might have already won the day as they have signed linebacker Kobe Buffalomeat (yes that’s his real name).

The school announced the signing of Buffalomeat on Twitter. According to Chip Patterson of CBS Sports, Buffalomeat walked away from football after joining the program at Lawerence High School as a freshman. Even though he walked away from football, he still played basketball.

The football coach convinced him to return to football last year. He has the talent and the potential to make it to the next level and possibly the NFL.

“He has some work to do in the weight room, continue development, but we think he could be a very special player,” Illinois State recruiting coordinator Lamar Conrad said. “You just can’t coach that kind of size and attitude.”

Illinois State was 6-6 in the Missouri Valley Conference last year. After the announcement that Buffalomeat had signed with Illinois State Twitter blew up as people reacted to the signing.

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