New York Islanders eye Belmont as state denies park rennovations
Dec 1, 2016; Washington, DC, USA; New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak (41) celebrates with Islanders center John Tavares (91) after their game against the Washington Capitals at Verizon Center. The Islanders won 3-0. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the rumors surrounding the New York Cosmos coming true, news has impacted the New York Islanders in an interesting way.

It appears as if the rumors surrounding the New York Cosmos may be true, as the state economic development agency scrapped proposals that were set to redevelop Belmont Park.

An Explained Silence

Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin’s reasons for silence have come to light. After not addressing the state of team affairs all season, Newsday reported the owners are attempting to hire new front office executives, Islanders fans have an explanation for the continued silence.

But earlier in the season, it had been reported the two were searching for a new arena for their team. The two of the most discussed rumors include a return to the Nassau Coliseum and a new arena alongside the New York Mets in Queens.

But today, after state officials scrapped proposals to redevelop Belmont Park, the suggestion of the Islanders moving to Belmont became that much more of a reality.

Back to Nassau?

However is a return to Nassau County really the best idea? The same county that forced the Islanders, Long Island’s last professional sports team, out the door?

Some fans are adamant about the decision while most salivate at the thought of the Islanders returning to a new and improved Nassau Coliseum, which is more than understandable.

The commute for the die-hard fans of Long Island has not been easy to the Barclays Center, and many have exponentially decreased the amount of games they attend.

A move to Belmont Park makes a lot of sense, however. It’s obviously right in the backyard of most Islanders fans, it would mean a new arena built from the ground up, and it can benefit the area as well.

If the Cosmos, a B-league soccer team estimates that they would be able to generate roughly $200 million dollars per year (albeit, this includes a 370 square foot retail complex) surely an NHL team can do far, far better.

The Transition From Brooklyn

The main argument proposed against these fantasies coming true all tie back to one thing. If the Islanders were to have a new arena in place as we speak, the construction would take far more than two years in order to complete the new arena.

This ties back to the opt-out clause that exists within the Islanders lease with the arena. The re-negotiation of the lease can occur as early as at the conclusion to the 2016-2017 season.

The key factor to remember in this is that both parties can renegotiate the current terms of the lease in good faith. So if the Islanders really do have the groundwork laid out, they can re-negotiate their stay with the Barclays Center.

They can either accommodate just the six or seven years needed to complete the new arena (or however long it should take) or choose to stay longer, if needed. It’s essentially just re-working the current contract.

But make no mistake, the Barclays Center enjoys having the Islanders. CEO Brett Yormark has spoken on numerous occasions his content of having the Islanders.

As to what happens, time will tell. But things are getting more and more interesting for the New York Islanders.

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