Donald Trump Mocks New NFL Concussion Protocol Guidelines
Oct 12, 2016; Lakeland, FL, USA; Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump fires up thousands of supports who came out to the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport for Wednesday afternoon's Trump presidential rally. Mandatory credit: Craig Rubadoux/Florida Today via USA TODAY NETWORK

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently mocked the NFL’s new concussion protocol at his latest rally.

Donald Trump is at it again. Under 30 days to go prior to the election, the Republican nominee for President of the United States had once again stirred up controversy.

At his latest rally in Lakeland, Florida, on Wednesday, Trump mocked the NFL’s new concussion protocol.

After woman returned to the rally after having fainted, Trump called it out as a sign of toughness and linked it to the new, “soft” NFL ways, via Ashley Killough of CNN:

Mainly due to the multi-billion dollar lawsuit filed against them by former NFL players, the league has worked under a rigorous concussion protocol since 2009.

ESPN’s Andrew Brandt offered his two cents:

Quite honestly, whether you agree with Trump’s words here or not, there’s one thing you can’t argue.

The league was its own worst enemy on this topic. For years they ignored the concussion issue and pretended like it didn’t exist. Any mocking or criticism towards the NFL in this regard could be argued as fair game.

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