Fan Takes Line Drive To Face At Minnesota Twins Game (Video)

With the Detroit Tigers in town, a fan in Minnesota watching the Twins was beamed in the face by a scorching line drive.

This is an all-timer.

With the Detroit Tigers in town taking on the Twins in Minnesota, a scorching line drive was hit off the bat of Brian Dozier.

Usually, when line drives are hit off the bat of Dozier, they’ve been going over the outfield wall. On this night, one of his line drives went way foul down the third-base line.

Also usually, when a line drive goes foul into the stands, fans usually get each other’s backs. Voices and hands are raised while bodies hide for cover.

On this particular night, however, there was one fan who was heading to the aisle at the wrong time.

Take a look at the video above. This unsuspecting fan was drilled right in the head by a Dozier line drive. A more painful night couldn’t be conjured up.

H/T YouTube