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Little Leaguer Makes Insane Barehanded Catch (Video)

The South Carolina team’s Short Stop Dylan Williams made an insane barehanded catch in the Little League World Series.

The Little League World Series is always fun to watch. It’s a bunch of kids, either 12 or 13 years old just having the time of their lives.

This kid from South Carolina made an absolute beauty of a catch at the shortstop position.

He was able to go back on the ball nicely and make the over the shoulder grab channeling his inner 2005 David Wright with the barehanded catch.

That’s just a pure reaction play that Dylan Williams made. His athletic instincts took over and he was able to make the play, you can’t teach that.

There’s been a few big stories from the Little League World Series over the past few years. From Mo’ne Davis in 2014 to the 2007 Championship Game that ended in a Walk Off homer.

This catch, although still early on in the tournament, should live on with the famous memorable moments. Good for Dylan Williams, it’s not everyday you get on Sports Center.

Live it up while you can kid.

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