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Guy Tries To Put Out Olympic Torch, Fails Epically

A man tried to put out the Olympic torch with a fire extinguisher in Brazil. To put it gently, it didn’t go according to plan.

Was this guy actually serious?

It’s the Olympic torch for goodness sake. Do you really have a need to put it out? What purpose does that even serve?

There’s enough bad things in the world right now, especially after the events in France on Thursday night. The Olympics bring world class athletes together for pride in country and in sport. Is it really necessary to try and ruin that?

Well, captain clueless got what he deserved. Not only did he fail to put the flame out, but he was decked by security and put into a headlock. How did you think that was going to end, Mr. Clueless?

Given the Zika virus deterring some athletes from making the trip to Rio de Janeiro, this is not a good omen. However, the flame being successfully passed to the next runner offers a glimmer of hope.

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