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Minor League Baseball Team Opens Park For Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is taking the nation by storm. It’s even caught the attention of a minor league baseball team, which has opened it’s park to fans.

You really gotta catch ’em all.

Pokemon Go, which allows you to capture virtual pokemon in the real world with the assistance of Google maps, is at the forefront of seemingly everyone’s agenda born after 1990. The free app has been an instant hit since launching recently.

The Durham Bulls, the Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Rays, have decided to open their home park to the public.

General Manger Mike Birling explained, “The problem was, many of the Pokemon were on the field, and our fans weren’t able to catch them.” However, the team is embarking on a road trip for a few weeks. The park will be open to the public from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. on Tuesday for pokemon hunting.

Pitcher Jaime Schultz and infielder Cameron Seitzer have been seen looking for Pokemon prior to games, which very well could have sparked the promotional idea.

The promotion costs $5 dollars and proceeds will benefit Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

(H/T MiLB)

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