Woman At San Francisco Giants Game Gets Face Full From Foul Ball (Video)

This woman attending a San Francisco Giants game didn’t really think prior to catching a foul ball heading her way.

“Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd.”

If you’re in the stands at a Major League Baseball game, a foul ball is always a possibility. And because food and beverages are almost a certainty, a well thought out plan is always needed when you’re stuffing your face full of hot dogs, beer and Cracker Jacks.

This woman, who attended a San Francisco Giants game, didn’t have a plan.

Check out the video above. When a foul ball came her way, she absolutely panicked. Instead of dodging the ball, her $20 some odd worth of food and beverages was wearing here and the patrons around her.

Yes folks, you always need a foul ball plan when a tray of food is in your possession. And oh yeah, don’t try to actually catch the ball with your tray of food.

H/T Vine, MLB

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