Mike Francesa recently erupted over a call about the state of the New York Yankees. You might say he’s just a bit aggravated.

“You don’t think da New York Yankees need stars?!”

Tell us how you really feel, Mike. WFAN’s finest lost his mind today over a caller asking about the current state of the Bronx Bombers.

“Dey are playin’ .500 ball!”

The caller, who went by the name Pat, remained incredibly calm as Mike’s blood pressure escalated to volcanic levels. While Pat may have been slightly out of line comparing the Yankees to the Mets and Royals, he kept his cool. Good on you, Pat.

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New York Yankee baseball hasn’t been what fans are accustomed to lately. However, classic Francesa meltdowns are the silver lining for listeners who are all about the entertainment aspect of the show.

Be on the lookout for another Francesa rant sometime soon. Given how the Mets are playing, they’re long over do for some Francesa fire. Injuries have been troublesome, but there comes a point where enough losing could push Mike over edge. Time will certainly tell.

We haven’t heard Mike go off like this since he gave his take on Harambe the “Goriller.”

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