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New York Yankees: A-Rod Benched For Second Straight Day, Girardi Hammered In Presser

Alex Rodriguez was left out of the New York Yankees lineup for a second consecutive today, bringing about a barrage of questions for skipper Joe Girardi.

Alex Rodriguez comes into Monday night’s game with a .223/.264/.398 slash. For most players, that earns them a permanent spot on the bench. For A-Rod, sheer track record holds up.

However, track record may not carry him for long. Left out of the lineup yet again with the team facing a right-hander, Joe Girardi did not seem to completely rule out the possibility of a permanent DH platoon in his pregame presser.

He told reporters that it was a “tough decision” to leave A-Rod on the bench. That lone remark is an indicator that this is no day off for Rodriguez, it is a prime indication of how the Yankees view him at this stage of his career.

Girardi did say that the 40-year-old slugger will be in there tomorrow against a left-hander while later dodging that this is a permanent platoon.

With that said, Carlos Beltran has driven in 19 runs and launched six round-trippers in 19 games as the club’s designated hitter. This is strictly a “pick it up” sign delivered to A-Rod, who may lose substantial at-bats based on what is best for the team.

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