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Mike Francesa Explodes Over Gorilla Controversy

WFAN’s Mike Francesa nearly lost his mind over the recent gorilla-child controversy. Add this rant to the Francesa collection. 


Mike Francesa has a history of going on rants, however they usually pertain to sports. For whatever reason, the “sports pope” had to give his two cents about the recent killing of a gorilla that has sparked a national debate.

Actually, it turned out to be more than just two cents, as the rant continued for several minutes:

This gorilla story is getting too much attention. It’s not often Mike leaves his sports bubble (except for politics, weather, diet coke–okay maybe this shouldn’t be as surprising) but New York’s “numbah one” laid down the law.

Although Mike is occasionally full of hot air, he’s on point here. This is someone’s child, and let’s be honest, you’d do anything to protect your child.

Maybe Mike can knock some sense into the protesters who think an animal is more important than a human being.

(H/T @RNs_Funhouse)

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