Metta World Peace Explains Triangle Offense In A Ron Artest Sort Of Way (Video)

Thanks to the Derrick Rose acquisition by the New York Knicks, the triangle offense has been bandied about. Metta World Peace breaks it down.

This guy is simply terrific.

If I had a choice of having Metta World Peace in my everyday life or living without the former NBA player and baller from St. John’s, I most certainly choose the former.

Take a look at this latest beauty from Peace (video above).

He attempts to explain the triangle offense using some fruit and a bottle of water (Crystal Geiser brand, whatever that is).

He calls the orange Kobe Bryant and the apple Shaquille O’Neal in describing how the triangle offense features two offensive players exclusively.

Although I’ll always remember him as the artist formerly known as Ron Artest, this dude is alright in my book.

H/T Twitter, QBronald

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