Former Oklahoma City Thunder guard Reggie Jackson was smirking after his old team fell in game seven to Golden State. Still bitter, Reggie?

When Reggie Jackson was traded to the Detroit Pistons, he completed his temper tantrum out of Oklahoma City. Clearly, there’s no love lost between the two sides after Jackson’s smirking tweet let the world know who he was rooting for.

Obviously, players aren’t always going to get along with each other, but Jackson’s immaturity is still present.

No one is going to deny the terrific talent the young point guard has, but this is a guy who thought he deserved to start over Russell Westbrook.

Cool your jets for a second. Westbrook is a top talent in this league, and no one is going to start over him. Jackson used to write “SPG” on his sneakers before games for “starting point guard.” From Anthony Slater of the Oklahoman,

“Rather famously, Jackson and the Thunder went through a sour break-up last season. He wanted a starting role, to be the star of a team, and that was something OKC couldn’t offer. For months, Jackson was vocal about it both inside and outside the locker room, creating a growing divide within a frustrated team. He’d write ‘SPG’ on his shoes, for starting point guard, even with Westbrook on his team.”

The blatant disrespect for his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates is just unnecessary. If you want out, fine, let management find you a new home. There’s just no need to start a feud with your own teammates over whose starting when it’s obvious an elite talent is already the incumbent.

Smirking won’t change the fact that Jackson’s Pistons probably won’t make it out of the eastern conference until Lebron James retires.

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