Mel Barcos, Johanna Swiderski and George Vee, the fans who run No Fly Zone, a New York Jets Facebook community, have soared to new heights.

See, here’s the sad truth about life: Those selfish individuals who only think of themselves, truly never get ahead.

This is especially the case in this particular industry.

This sports craze of digital content and social media sharing hasn’t just provided an extraordinary amount of opportunities, it’s furthered this “selfless” mantra. Never have partners, friends and rivals alike been so important.

All involved know this. They also understand that passion is what drives these opportunities.

It’s this passion that’s led ESNY to No Fly Zone, a New York Jets Facebook Community.

Mel Barcos, Johanna Swiderski and George Vee are just three of the individuals who keep No Fly Zone moving, and in the midst of constant bickering and nonsensical attitudes (by entirely too many people walking Earth these days), this group manages to keep it real, and really well done.

For example, this beauty of a post graced the screen of my computer today:


Right off the bat, this is an interesting one considering all posts must be approved to go through. So, this post was approved by the admins.

Secondly, the response was forthright:


In the next comment came more questions:


The admins (and others) responded with the obvious answer. The answer every person wanting to be a part of a smooth-running, fun community already understands.

The people who create and manage these groups basically take another full time job on without the pay. They do it purely for the love of the team, sport, or whatever the specific vice is.

And in No Fly Zone’s case, they go above and beyond the call of duty.

Currently possessing 5,384 Jets fans (about 2K too many based on some of the comments these admins have to deal with, but I digress), this group creates unique ideas never introduced to the Facebook community prior.

Take on-field reporting for example.

The group creates threads based on their in-the-know reporter Christa Levitas.




A late night show:


Of course, the admins themselves have opinions:



Opposing views are welcomed too:


The point is simple: The group allows you to be a fan.

It’s refreshing to see the admins of a community share their views with such conviction. Far too often admins tow the franchise line no matter what. They preach positivity and unnatural harmony when it comes from a ridiculous approach. It’s fabricated.

Fans don’t have the right to tell other fans how to feel emotionally. This is why we’re fans. We are directly responsible. If we weren’t, then we’d all back up every player and every move an organization makes.

If that was the case, how would anybody within the organization be held accountable?

At No Fly Zone, you the fan, are allowed to have whatever view you want. You better bring it though, or you’ll get eaten alive.

In a world full of know-it-alls, it’s extremely important to know the admins will give you a forum (less the vulgar language and insulting nature), and the admins will provide their unabashed view point.

That’s the only way it should ever be.

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