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Rob Gronkowski Appears In ‘Questionable’ GQ Photos

Welcome to 2016, where you can get paid to have your junk flail in the wind. Well, if you’re as obnoxious as Rob Gronkowski is, then it’s just par for the course.

We all know that the Patriots all pro tight end loves to have a good time, and taking photos with model Hailey Clauson seems to be another day in the life. However, his facial expressions just exude one of a goon.

Gronk appeared on the cover of GQ magazine, which was actually pretty harmless if you can believe it.

However, some of the other photos weren’t as painless:

These are just obnoxious. I mean, the awful color combinations, forced facial expressions, and Jaguar towel are just way over the top. What have the Jaguars done to you, Gronk?

I don’t want to know what the towel got used for.

H/T Twitter, @GQMagazine

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