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New York Rangers 2015-16 Report Cards: Defense

Keith Yandle

Yandle earned fifth overall in points this season, with five goals and 42 assists.

He is also one of only two players (J.T. Miller) who played in every single game this season.

It’s also amazing to think that Yandle tallied 20 power play assists even though he was on the second unit for half of the season.

While Yandle was an essential piece of the power play and overall offensive production, his defensive play was often equally as abysmal.

We’ll all remember his playoff collision with line mate Dan Boyle, which lead to a Pittsburgh Penguin goal and was arguably the turning point in that series.

As good as Yandle could be on shift, his boneheaded-ness would eventually catch up to him.

If it wasn’t bad checking, then it was a pass that led to a turnover, or no net presence.

While Yandle never received much support from his line mates, his errors would often cost the Rangers games.

Grade: B

Dan Boyle

Oh Danny boy, the pipes are most certainly calling.

I never like it when an athlete announces that he will “possibly retire” at the end of a season, much less when said announcement takes place at the very beginning of the season.

In a similar fashion to Yandle, what made Boyle’s game so great for so many years was his ability to move the puck.

However, in order to effectively move the puck around the ice, you need to be mobile, which is something what waived bye-bye to Boyle when he was traded to the Rangers.

Different player, same narrative.

And to be honest, Boyle’s numbers weren’t awful this season like you might expect.

But when you give Boyle the good ole’ fashioned eye test, his game becomes a comedy of errors.

No strength, lame checking, blown coverage, you name it.

If there was a way to play poor defense, Dan Boyle accomplished it ad nauseam this season.

It’s sad too, because you would sometimes witness a glimpse of the player he once was.

But to be honest, I don’t believe in unicorns.

Grade: D

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