Donald Trump just had to comment on Tom Brady‘s recent suspension. That’s guaranteed to either infuriate or appease many people.

Captain controversy himself, Donald Trump, showed support for his buddy Tom Brady during a rally in Rhode Island earlier today.

It’s no secret that the two remain friends, and have voiced support for one another.

Evil, meet evil. Or Mr. Perfect, meet making America great again. Depends which side you’re on, but either way the two supporting each other is sure to tick off plenty of people.

I get it, Trump’s in Rhode Island, trying to win over the crowd by supporting one of the most likable athletes in New England. It’s politics.

But can we leave the whole “Deflategate” thing out of politics?

We already know ESPN is going to cover the Brady suspension/Deflategate fiasco with a Lebron James like obsession. The last thing we need is the most talked about man in politics bringing it up.

Think Donald Trump would support his “friend” if he was at a rally in Denver, New York, or anywhere else outside of the northeast?

Draw a line between friendship and politics, and just stop with the Deflategate crap.

Canada must laugh at us.

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