Someone decided to sell air from Kobe Bryant‘s last game on E-bay. Yes, air, and the final price will dumbfound you.

People. What is it with some people?

I’m not quite sure what’s worse here; the fact that someone tried to sell air or that the bidding got to over $15,000?

Good luck getting the air verified for authenticity, because you know, any jabroni could take a plastic bag and seal it, then post it to E-bay, claiming it was from Kobe’s final game.

The only thing that’s certified here, is idiocy.

I get it, little things from memorable games are worth something, like dirt from an infield during the World Series, or maybe grass from the SuperBowl. But air? Gimme a break. Kobe Bryant’s shoes, game worn jersey, or the ball from the game, are things collectors will covet. But air? Who would pay tens of thousands for that?

According to SI’s Extra Mustard, the ad has been taken down. Well gee, I wonder why?

It’s 2016, and people continue to amaze us for all the wrong reasons.

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