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The Best Charles Barkley Impersonation You’ll Ever See

Yale’s Brandon Sherrod absolutely crushes this Charles Barkley impersonation. He even earned approval from Chuck himself.

Not so “turrable”, eh? Sherrod had it all working from the voiceover to the Kenny Smith references.

Yale may have exited the NCAA tournament, but they’ll have plenty of memories to take home. This impersonation of Sir Charles has to be one of them.

You know he did well when the camera returned to the set to find Barkley and his co-hosts chuckling like a bunch of high schoolers at the lunch table. Instead of dropping his famous “turrable” bomb on Sherrod’s impersonation, he instead lauded the Yale forward with a “turrific.”

barkley screenshot yale

The NCAA Tournament is only a few days old and we already have a Final Four worthy impersonation of Charles Barkley. Might another clever student athlete offer their best take of Sir Charles?

We can only hope so.

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