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LeBron James Gets Told To ‘Suck It Up’ (Video)

One courtside sitting fan decided to give LeBron James a piece of her mind during Sunday’s Cleveland Cavaliers/Oklahoma City Thunder game (video). 

Somebody had to say it eventually, right? We know LeBron James is the best player in the game, but even he and many others of the NBA’s elite, play in a much softer game than in decades past.

Chippy fouls, ejections for hard fouls, and reviewing if something is a flagrant foul or not have all become part of today’s NBA.

What a simple, but great idea this fan has if you take a minute to think about it–“Just suck it up” or for lack of a better term, “Just stop complaining!” It would be nice if we could have an NBA with minimal whining where players just, you know, play.

As for the lady who was brave enough to trash talk the game’s best: She probably paid a lot of money for those seats and feels she can say whatever she pleases.

Power to you.

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