Meet The Hottest College Golfer In The World, McKenna Pautsch

Via Instagram, mckennapautsch72
Via Instagram, mckennapautsch72

If there’s one thing the University of Redlands can showcase with their chin up and a bundle full of pride, it’s being equipped with golfer McKenna Pautsch.

Meet McKenna Pautsch. At first glance you’d think she was an ordinary, stellar-looking female college student.

After all, there is plenty of talent spread across this great land of ours – in all 50 states. This so-called talent one of the top incentives for students when deciding their academic university of choice (hello Arizona State and Coastal Carolina).

Upon further review, however, McKenna Pautsch isn’t just your typical female college student. She’s a breathtaking Division III College Golfer at the University of Redlands in San Clemente, California.

Other than now having the tag as “hottest college golfer in the world,” McKenna is ridiculously smart as a member of the WGCA All-America Scholar team.

Here’s her full college bio on the University of Redlands website.

And oh yeah, she’s also now a climbing Instagram star thanks to such photos that, well…define the word “perfect.”

H/T Busted Coverage, Instagram @mckennapautsch72