This old and angry grandpa has a meltdown of epic proportions as his Carolina Panthers neared defeat in Super Bowl 50 (NSFW).

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, because this ticked off grandpa is on the verge of burning the house down.

Once his anger comes down (if at all, for that matter) he’s going to realize that a trip to IKEA is necessary because he singly handedly destroyed his own living room. I mean, I hope that’s his living room.

As I digress for a minute–most of the stuff we do here at EliteSportsNY covers the Tri-State region, but this was too good to pass up. We New York sports fans consider ourselves some of the most passionate, loyal, fans in the country. However, I’m not sure if you would classify angry grandpa as passionate or mentally insane.

The “Damn you Cam Newton!” references were also pretty uncalled for. Carolina is nowhere near Super Bowl 50 without him, regardless of how poorly he played yesterday. However, something tells me no one can argue with this guy.

From what I could gather, the house looked like it was in pretty good shape. Then it hit me–the Panthers only lost 1 game all season, so of course nothing was broken. It’s hard to imagine what that place looked like a year ago when the Panthers lost 8 games.

What did that TV ever do to you, pops?

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