Every now and again we’ll be treated to a story such as this featuring Chicago Blackhawks goalie Ben Crawford and a very special, diehard fan.

By Robby Sabo

In the midst of your over-obsessive craziness while watching your favorite team play during the final minutes of the game, remember this one very important thing: it’s just a game.

The game revolving “around” the game is the real definition of sports. It’s the game that brings people together, communities stronger, and emotions tighter.

And thank goodness for athletes such as Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford, for he just reminded of this very sentiment recently.

Meet Ben, a young Blackhawks fan with special needs. He suffers from a condition that makes it very difficult to use his arms and legs.

Thanks to the help of his babysitter Emily, Ben had a chance to have a few of his heroes babysit for him as well.

Check it out for yourself (video above). This is the stuff sports are made of.

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