NFL bad lip reading hysterical, and the geniuses behind it just released part 2. Yes, it is exponentially funnier than part 1.

How can you not love stuff like this? Especially when the talk before the Super Bowl is so serious, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and have a good laugh.

Part 1 was hysterical in its own right (which you can watch, here), but you have to give this one the edge. Kirk Cousin’s famous “You like that?!” being replaced with “Jose, don’t touch that!” makes you wonder how these comedic geniuses come up with this stuff.

Could you imagine Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell signing Drake live on stage? Okay, maybe he does in the locker room after wins, but we wouldn’t know for sure.

You also see Chip Kelly yelling “freaking Foles!” (or, that’s at least what it sounds like) which wouldn’t actually come as a shocker if Foles was still in Philly.

Might there be a part 3 coming up? We can only hope so.

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