OK that was a grown up move… Kids was getting bullied and ragged on about his shoes…. so another student bought him some Lebron’s the next day…???????

Posted by Miguel Marquize Howell on Sunday, November 15, 2015

‘Tis the season to be a wonderful human being and gift a pair of LeBron’s to a kid who was bullied for his shoes the very day prior.

A kid who was bullied because of his shoes was given an early Christmas present the next day.

It was from one of his classmates, who gave the bullied kid a pair of Nike LeBron’s sneakers.

“Here you go,” the classmate said. “I gave you a pair of shoes, since you felt bad yesterday about how everyone was making fun of your shoes, there you go.”

Afterwards they hugged too, which had to have had many readers feeling a bit touched over.

As the holidays are approaching, this was one great show of kindness and a Christmas spirit shown. This is also really rare that a kid would show gratitude with an expensive piece, which the Nike LeBron’s were.

We see a lot of athletes give back to the community especially during this season with donations, providing food and service (among other products and acts).

Today we saw a kid showing a gracious heart to help a less fortunate one.

It is what society should definitely see more of.

H/T Facebook, Miguel Marquize Howell, Bleacher Report

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