From the D-League to YouTube, Brandon Armstrong wows us all with some spectacular NBA impersonations.

By Bryan Pol

Brandon Armstrong, Pepperdine graduate and NBA first round selection of the Houston Rockets in 2001, has witnessed his share of international basketball experiences, from the Dakota Wizards in the NBA’s Developmental League to various stints in Ukraine, Poland, and Venezuela.

Despite being drafted by the Rockets, Armstrong started his pro career with the New Jersey Nets, playing three years as backup to Jason Kidd in the midst of the Nets’ title-contending years, averaging a paltry 2.2 PPG in the process.1nba2

Not many remember Brandon Armstrong, the NBA player.

But many know Brandon Armstrong, the YouTube sensation.

How many of us have lined up the game-winning shot in the NBA Finals in our driveways, beating the imaginary shot clock as the ball went clean through the net, just as Jordan had against Byron Russell in the ’98 NBA Finals, push-off be damned.  Sure, none of us could be mistaken as MJ’s equal, but that never stopped us from trying, even as our attempts reached into the thousands.

Consequently, Brandon Armstrong has made a newfound career of doing just that.

Here is his latest impersonation to go viral, with Armstrong imitating Kobe Bryant:

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Look at the elegance in Armstrong’s mimicking of Black Mamba’s patented dip-and-dive move into the lane for a pull-up jumper, the fist pump, the post-up fadeaway, the long walk to the bench as the phantom opposing team calls time out.  His technique from start to finish is superb.

From James Harden…

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James Harden, from ESPN’s Grantland.

…to Russell Westbrook…

[su_youtube_advanced url=””]
Russell Westbrook, from SB Nation

…to some seriously outrageous player handshakes…

[su_youtube_advanced url=””]
James Harden and Chandler Parsons, from Reddit

…Brandon Armstrong has delighted the masses by impersonating athletes who are part of arguably the world’s most marketable sport.

What does @BdotAdot5 have in store next?  Here is hoping we get some free throw line impressions.

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UPDATE: The NBA credentials mentioned for Brandon Armstrong earlier in this story do not reflect the playing credentials of Brandon Armstrong who became a YouTube sensation. While the former did play for the Nets and the D-League, the latter did not. Rather, the YouTube sensation Brandon Armstrong played for the D-League in Reno and in Spain, according to The Big Lead.

Elite Sports NY and I regret the error.

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