Meet MG & The Bod, the guys who will soon revolutionize the way people discuss, think and act about NFL football.

By Kevin Flynn

How many of you and your best buddies think that you know a lot about the NFL and the world of Fantasy Football?

Personally, I think that after a two hour long debate with your best friend as to which quarterback is better, Joe Montana or Tom Brady, you probably think you could do a consistent podcast or television show on all your infinite wisdom.

Except, you didn’t set up your own podcast and show, and these two guys did.

Meet Matt Gabbola and Joseph Chiarrappa, affectionately known around the YouTube and football world now as MG and the BOD.

Starting in December of 2014 these two fine upstanding Italians from Bethpage, Long Island (we know you just tried to say that in your head with the Lawn Guyland accent), started filming their own web series and podcast to impart their vast amount of football knowledge for all the internet community to benefit.

Each episode is filmed at the custom built bar on the side of Gabbola’s house, appropriately dubbed “Tella’s Tavern” after tragedy struck. Watch the interview and he will explain.

What you need to know about this introduction is that these fellows are real. They wear their heritage like a soldier wears his stripes on his sleeve and they truly know football.

Although, knowing football is half the battle. The other half is being entertaining, and that part comes naturally. MG and the BOD let you in on their life-long friendship with each other and their crew as well as the tons of inside jokes to make you feel a part of the group.

Each episode they show their appreciation for their fans by answering tough email questions and thanking the people who help them get on the air and get their shows to the internet. It’s time we help them get some recognition and help you be entertained – especially with the upcoming NFL season just around the corner

If you need some expert fantasy advice, they can actually help you with their opinions on trades, draft picks, player rankings and your league’s point system (which they will explain as well).

I had the chance to sit down and speak with the hosts of the MG and the BOD Show, which you can check out on YouTube and at

I promise, won’t be disappointed if you do check these New York Italians out.

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