Check out this high school softball catcher as she pummels not one, but two girls as they innocently cross the plate.

By Michael Iuzzini

Sure, this is not sportsmanship at its best, but every guy that watches this video should crack an evil grin.

Check it out, as a girls high school softball player not once, but twice drops an elbow/shoulder a base-runner cross the plate.

You have to give it to her at least a little. She’s passionate and pissed.

If I was the coach on the receiving team of the brutal shoulder blocks I would have made sure some retaliation is in order here.  I am not saying to hurt the catcher but a response back would be justified. I know this is just a high school girls game but come on and step up.

Nobody is getting hurt here and the same could have been done to the catcher.  Possibly a little brush back pitch when she is at bat, a take out slide.  She knows it’s deserved.  I am far from promoting high school sports violence but there is nothing wrong with responding back with a little edge.

Some may argue they got her back with their bats. Yeah, that’s fine, but wouldn’t it be nice to see her eat some dirt too.

I’m just saying, the girls that were hammering the pitcher will take the high road and I respect that too.

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  1. Interference is defined by Rule 2-32 as an act (physical or verbal) by a member of the team at bat that illegally impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder; or when a runner creates malicious contact with any fielder with or without the ball, in or out of the baseline.
    The NFHS Softball Rules Committee strongly emphasizes that coaches remind their players about this definition, and what they need to do. As stated, these acts may be physical or verbal and intentional or unintentional. Batters and runners must be taught to be aware of where the ball is and where the opposing team fielders are in relationship to the ball.
    Notice the words malicious contact, with or without the ball, in or out of the baseline.
    Rule 8 – Baserunning
    ART. 2 . . . Any runner is out when he:
    e. initiates malicious contact;
    1. Malicious contact always supersedes obstruction. Runner(s) will be awarded appropriate base(s) per umpire’s judgment.
    The rule says the runner must NOT run into her.