My oh my does the world come back to bite us in the ass sometimes. Erin Andrews is somebody learning this right now.

By Robby Sabo

Marshall Henderson is a man that might need an introduction.

While he was a very infamous college basketball player in during his day at Ole Miss, the casual fan might not know him as a household name.

Infamous, because back in July of 2013, Henderson was suspended for a failed drug test and for violating team rules.

When the news broke, reporter, and a name that needs no introduction, Erin Andrews, sent a jab about Henderson on Twitter.

Henderson let everybody know he would soon not forget:


Well, because Andrews’ current boyfriend is Los Angeles Kings forward Jarret Stoll, Henderson was in the perfect position to come up with his sweet revenge.

On Saturday, Stoll was busted on drug charges in Las Vegas, setting up one of the most classic Twitter Revenge stories of all time.


H/T Bleacher Report



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