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Pre-Week 1 expectations for the Giants and Jets look drastically different than what they currently are as we approach Week 3. But still, the ramp-up to the season-opening kickoff was a lot more fun than it has been in recent years for New York area football teams.

Heading into this year, many were expecting big things from the Giants and Jets. Big Blue was fresh off a surprising trip to the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Jets landed Aaron Rodgers and had their eyes set on a Super Bowl run. But remember when we were just hoping to watch football that mattered beyond Halloween?

That’s the situation we were in last year. Thankfully, we got what we were hoping for. Things went slightly better for the Giants than the Jets, but both teams played games with postseason implications late in the season.

It was lightyears better than what the 2017-21 period was like. Believe it or not, both the Giants and Jets posted identical 22-59 records during this time. Big Blue’s winning record in 2022 didn’t move the needle much (29-66-1). However, it pushed them just ahead of the Jets, whose 7-10 performance put their record over the last six seasons at 28-69.

So, yeah — there have been more enjoyable times to watch the Giants and Jets than this period we’re discussing. As it turns out, both squads have been the best at being the worst since 2017. At least, that’s the case when it comes to winning percentage, points scored, and point differential.

Woof, man. We can hope that some of these statistics and standings can change by the end of 2023. But that’s going to be a tall order based on how the first two weeks have gone.

The Giants needed a ridiculous and historic second half last Sunday just to beat the Cardinals. The Jets are once again having to answer questions about whether or not Zach Wilson can lead the team.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this changes at all once Week 18 is in the books.

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