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As the Jets prepare for a Week 2 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, we’re still feeling the ramifications of Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury.

It means we’ll get a healthy dose of Zach Wilson under center again. However, the Jets will at least be holding onto their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Rodgers’ future with New York beyond this season is still anyone’s guess at this point. But how does his injury impact Gang Green’s remaining schedule?

Entering this year, the Jets were scheduled for six primetime games. We all know the NFL has the power to “flex” matchups at certain times during the season. That’s just fancy talk for changing who plays in the national spotlight for better ratings.

After beating the Bills on the Week 1 edition of Monday Night Football, the Jets are currently scheduled to play in five more primetime games. But if things go south for Gang Green, that won’t be the case.

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Here are the remaining games in question:

  • Week 4: Sunday Night Football on October 4th vs. Chiefs
  • Week 9: Monday Night Football on November 6th vs. Chargers
  • Week 10: Sunday Night Football on November 12th vs. Raiders
  • Week 12: Black Friday Game on November 24th vs. Dolphins
  • Week 17: Thursday Night Football on December 28th vs. Browns

CBS Sports did a good job of quickly reviewing the schedule-flex rules and limitations. Here’s the gist:

  • Thursday Night Football: Up to two games can be flexed between Weeks 13 and 17 with at least 28 days’ notice.
  • Sunday Night Football: Up to two games can be flexed between Weeks 5 and 10. But between Weeks 11 and 17, the NFL can flex how they see fit.
  • Monday Night Football: Up to two games can be flexed between Weeks 12 and 17.

With these stipulations, the Jets will definitely be playing during primetime at least three more times. Week 4’s game against the Chiefs and Week 9’s matchup against the Chargers aren’t allowed to be flexed. New York’s Black Friday Game against Miami doesn’t fall under any of these rules, so it wasn’t in danger of getting flexed.

These are all home games for the Jets. So, if you were already planning on heading to any of these contests at MetLife Stadium, don’t worry about changing your plans.

However, two do have the possibility of getting flexed. This includes New York’s Week 10 matchup vs. the Raiders in Las Vegas and its Week 17 game in Cleveland vs. the Browns.

We didn’t want to be talking about this so early in the season. That’s for sure. However, it’s nice to know that no Jets home games will be impacted by the NFL in any way.

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