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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is officially done for the year because of a torn Achilles suffered on Monday Night Football. That’s enough to make any Jets fan depressed despite a thrilling Week 1 win over the Bills in overtime.

However, I have a feeling some of them will crack a smile over a Wisconsin bar’s “Jets lose, you win” promo. Even if that smile/joy only lasts for a split second.

A few weeks ago, we talked about how Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee was running a special promo for the NFL regular season. There were a handful of weeks where they proclaimed that if the Jets lost, drinks were on the house.

The bar had a bunch of rules/stipulations in place to make sure they would only wipe out bar tabs under a specific set of circumstances. Rodgers exited Monday’s game only four snaps into his Jets career. Virtually everyone in the bar thought they were going to get free drinks once it was announced the signal-caller wouldn’t return.

But they were disappointed by the end. Thankfully for us, a local Milwaukee news station was on the scene:

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This is just outstanding. And, you know what? I agree with one of the anchors — these people got what they deserved after cheering at the Rodgers injury. I know they were just rooting for their chances of free drinks, but come on, people. Wouldn’t you have wanted to see him play *and* the Jets lose? That would’ve made my drinks taste a little bit better.

But, hey — it’s just business, I guess. They thought a clean bar tab was in their future, and it sure looked that way at halftime. Buffalo was up 13-3 before the Jets snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Props to the one Jets fan showing his face at the bar Monday night (that we could see in this video, anyway). That dude was clearly having the time of his life. I hope he enjoyed every minute of the victory after the disappointment of watching Rodgers go down so quickly after kickoff.

If there’s any justice in this world, the fine people at Jack’s paid for his drink tab. It’s not like they didn’t make tons of money off this promo. Being brave enough to show up to a Packers bar *in Wisconsin* with Jets gear on and being triumphant in the end needs a little extra reward.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, this promo lasted as long as Rodgers’ season. One of the rules is that Rodgers has to start the game. Since it’s Zach Wilson’s show now, everything else is moot.

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