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Let’s think back to how things were going a week ago. The NFL regular season hadn’t kicked off yet. Giants fans couldn’t wait to see the Cowboys get dominated on Sunday Night Football. Meanwhile, Jets fans were excited to watch Aaron Rodgers take the field in a game that mattered.

Fast-forward back to the present day and everything looks totally different. Big Blue got shut out and lost by 40 (!). Gang Green is 1-0, but Rodgers only played four snaps before suffering what very well could be a season-ending injury. Who is to blame for all this bad juju?

It’s the New York Mets, folks. I wish they weren’t the culprit. But, facts are facts and it didn’t take long for someone to uncover the evidence. Prior to the Giants getting their butts whooped, the Mets wished them luck on X:

They did the same thing on Monday before the Jets took the field to face the Buffalo Bills:

The Jets still pulled out a dramatic win. But at what cost? It looks like it’ll be Rodgers, which understandably has Jets fans feeling more sad than usual after a Week 1 win.

X user Mike said what everyone was already thinking:

There’s nothing wrong with wishing your fellow local pro teams in other sports the best of luck ahead of a new season. Plus, there are Mets fans who are Giants fans and others who root for the Jets. You don’t want to alienate your own fan base by wishing luck to only one. But maybe the Mets should hold off on this stuff for a year or two after sharing their bad 2023 juju with everyone.

I looked at the Yankees’ X feed because I wondered if they did any wishing of luck to either squad, and I didn’t see a dang thing. Maybe that’s the way to go next time.

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