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We had a surprisingly active — and telling — Sunday on the Daniel Jones free agency front.

To recap:

• The Post reported the Giants are looking at a “ballpark” of five years and $190 million in total money (no word on guarantees) for Jones. That would be an average annual value of $38 million.

• ESPN reported Jones is in the process of changing agents, jumping to Athletes First from CAA.

• The Post reported contract talks are “off to a much bumpier start than expected.”

• Pro Football Talk indicated Jones could want “as much as $45 million per year, or more.”

Translation: Jones wants a lot more money than the Giants have offered him. And he is not backing down. So if the Giants also stand firm? This could get very ugly, very fast.

Jones is going to be back with the Giants next season. That is not in question. But it feels extremely likely they will need to give him the franchise tag. Maybe he plays on it, maybe they work something out by the summer. Either way, Jones will have a $32.4 million cap hit when the new league year begins. That will occupy a huge swath of general manager Joe Schoen’s available cap space. Which will limit his ability to improve the roster and/or lead to Saquon Barkley’s departure.

But this is what happens when you publicly commit to a franchise quarterback. They will then ask to be paid like one. And like stocks, the contracts only go up.

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