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The Jets-Aaron Rodgers hype train is going full steam ahead, folks. Even current players are hopping on, and you can include running back Breece Hall among the group.

Wondering about the Jets’ level of interest in Rodgers began when reports surfaced of New York’s interview with Nathaniel Hackett. It only continued once he was officially hired as offensive coordinator. Cornerback Sauce Gardner would be OK with this acquisition, as well. Here’s what Hall said about it in an interview with USA Today:

You can definitely connect the dots and start to make your assumptions, but in this league you never know. I’m just excited to see what our GM does and what moves he makes, and I feel like these past few years he’s done a great job of getting the right people in this building.

That first sentence is great because it’s just further proof that NFL players are just like us, only extremely talented athletes. They also see the reports and rumors, and most times, they’re left in the dark until something officially happens.

It seems like Hall, who is rehabbing from an ACL injury, is excited about the addition of Hackett regardless of the Rodgers situation:

I get back to the facility on Saturday for rehab, so I’ll probably have to chop it up with [Hackett] when I’m back at the facility. As long as the offense is running back-friendly, I’ll be fine. So as long as they’re giving me the ball, I feel like we’re gonna have a good chance. So I’m excited to see what he does for our team.

I love the “running back-friendly” comment. There’s definitely potential to squeeze every ounce of production out of Hall with Hackett as the OC, so all the rusher has to do is get healthy and back on the field.

Of course, Hall had to cover himself a smidge in case a trade for Rodgers doesn’t come to fruition:

I’m confident with our guys now. [But] I feel like Aaron Rodgers, any team could take Aaron Rodgers and he’ll get you to the Promised Land. So I think any team will take him.

We know Jets owner Woody Johnson thinks getting a quarterback is the “missing piece” for his team. There’s also speculation that he’d be willing to pay a huge price to land Rodgers. Can the four-time MVP get New York back to the playoffs and help them hoist the Lombardi trophy?

The Jets need to acquire him first before those questions can start getting attempted answers. There’s one fan who probably hopes so, though.

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