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The 2022 season was the definition of a roller coaster for the Jets and their fans. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the year ended with the worst part of the ride. Six straight losses turned a 7-4 team into a 7-10 squad. So, the focus is squarely on next season, and some are already feeling confident.

Maybe a little too confident.

The Jets haven’t qualified for the playoffs since 2010. Their current drought is the NFL’s longest. Despite 2022’s unfortunate finish, New York has some reasons to feel optimistic. Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall (when he returns from injury), and Sauce Gardner all look like the real deal. The defense was also among the best in football. Owner Woody Johnson thinks getting a veteran quarterback could be the missing piece to get his squad over the hump.

One fan took matters into their own hands and made a decision he’ll definitely not regret at all (insert sarcasm here):

Whoa, boy. A tattoo is a tattoo, but it’s very obvious he thought for a while about putting it in a strategic spot. It’s not like he got a face tattoo that’s easily visible upon walking out the door. If the Jets don’t make good on this particular guarantee, all he’ll have to do is wear some pants. That’s doable, I’d imagine.

It didn’t take long for optimism to start manifesting itself after New York’s Week 18 loss to the Miami Dolphins, too. Gardner said that by Week 18 next season, the Jets would be in the playoffs. Outside of the NFL-long playoff drought, there are other things Gang Green will have to overcome to prove him right.

But then again, he didn’t get that guarantee tattooed on his body. We aren’t aware of the backstory to the above tattoo. Maybe it was in the midst of a heated debate and he wanted to stake his claim about the squad. Or, maybe he lost a bet. Either way, this is a bold move that could be rewarded handsomely or laughed at for ages.

Regardless of the result, it’s the start of an interesting story.

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