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The Jets‘ improbable Week 2 victory has been sandwiched by two uninspiring losses at home. New York combined to score just 21 points while quarterback Joe Flacco attempted more than 100 total passes. The Flacco era appears to be over, though, as second-year signal-caller Zach Wilson is expected to make his return on the road this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

New York’s coaching staff has dealt with a fair bit of criticism so far this season, but could Wilson’s return save them?

That was a discussion on WFAN’s Boomer & Gio earlier this week. I couldn’t help but zero in on a couple of specific things that were said during this conversation. Here were Gio’s thoughts:

Time’s up, not in terms of being fired, but in terms of the honeymoon period for Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh, because the fan base has turned. I can’t take this coaching staff seriously until I see some real victories with their quarterback out there – and that’s the only thing that can really save this season: Zach Wilson steps in and looks like a young superstar that can be here for 10 or 15 years.

In response to that, here’s what Boomer had to say:

I think that’s the only thing that saves these guys. If he comes out and he gets hurt again, or throws three interceptions, and it gets ugly, it’s going to be another long year, and the Jets will be looking for another quarterback.

Let’s not forget that Wilson has just 13 NFL games under his belt. Is he going to come out after suffering a knee injury and immediately give the Jets some clarity at the quarterback position moving forward? That’s the hope, but it may not be so cut-and-dry once the season comes to a conclusion.

It’s hard for a fan base to be patient when they’ve dealt with watching some rough football over the past decade or so. While the honeymoon period is already over for the front office and coaching staff, it also seems like that’s the case for Wilson. He needs to make some legitimate progress in Year 2 or else his future with the Jets could also be in doubt.

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