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Just about everyone knows NFL Week 1 is upon us, with the Jets and Giants getting ready to open their respective seasons on Sunday. But did you know season 2 of The Eli Manning Show is coming back to YouTube?

Eli really wants you to know about it. He’s so focused on it that he even performed some free labor in New York City to help spread the word, all while getting in a zinger about the Patriots along the way.

Manning enjoyed a 16-year NFL career, all with the Giants. He was selected to four Pro Bowls, but his legacy is forever tied to his two Super Bowl victories, both of which came at the hands of the Patriots. The below tweet is one of the two instances where New England came up in the promo he did:

As you can imagine, the replies are filled with “No, but he’s Tom Brady’s father” jokes. It was a predictable outcome, but it doesn’t make reading through them any less funny.

The entire clip is just under five minutes long, and while most of it is humorous, there’s one interaction that truly takes the cake. Someone walked up to Manning, asked if he was Eli and then went on to say that the former signal-caller ruined the Patriots’ perfect season, which is something he still hasn’t gotten over.

Manning’s response? It was excellent:

“Ohhh, that was an awesome day. I would say I’m sorry, but I’d be lying.”

Just the perfect response. As we’ve seen over the years since his retirement, Eli rarely misses with his comments, opinions, and/or comebacks. It’s been interesting to watch the quarterback carve out a nice little niche for himself as a media personality once his playing days were finished.

You love to see it for the two-time champion, especially when he hops on every opportunity to troll the Patriots for those two Super Bowl losses.

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